-     We are happy to welcome you on   Friday May 13   from 8 p.m. for a   Sans Voies concert   !

Ø   https://sansvoies.fr/equipe/

Ø   Share a vision and desires.

oh    The story of Sans Voies begins in 2017, from the need to make our way in this world, to share songs, melodies .
When Poigno (drums) and Ben (bass) come to seal what will be the group Sans Voies, Théo (Piano, saxophone, vocals) and Baptiste (Vocals, guitar), the two brothers, have already started to play with their texts, and to mix them with the creative ideas of Greg (guitars).

The desire to found a group and to discover an audience began with notebooks full of lyrics , blackened with ideas and questions. And what better way than to put them to music to spread them in the ears, and in the hearts of people?
This is why Sans Voies was born, to
share these words which come out , which mix, pile up and which form verses, refrains, rants.

oh    Rock, Rock!

Gradually the path of Sans Voies explored different horizons, the influences are numerous (song, rock, punk, pop, progressive rock, jazz) and the group tries to mix them in a tasty harmony.

Of course,
Sans Voies remains a rock band , and the desire to move bodies and souls is still there, well anchored. But the group also wants to get off the beaten track, to transport the spectators to the heart of the same concert, who have become travelers, from one musical universe to another.

oh    Open eyes and ears

Despite the desire to rub shoulders with the studio, discovering new horizons, Sans Voies is still and always a group to discover in concert, for energy, smiles and despair.
For sharing.

Definitely, sharing is the key word of this group. And what else is the future, if not the sharing of a hope and a wink? It's this future that the group looks at, in the distance, as if to continue looking for answers.
It is this future that we hope to share with you.

In the presence of   food truck   Arancina Sicilian Street Food   to restore you between 2 beers and a dance!
Free entry but increased drinks on concert nights!

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