We are happy to welcome you for the opening night of the Guinguette on Friday April 22 from 4 p.m.

Come and meet us for a concert by the group COLLIMATEUR from 8 p.m. !

COLLIMATEUR is riff, poetry, sweat. The rage to live and the quest for a happy future.

At the crossroads of committed French rock (Black Desire, Saez, Luke) and the big heads of the British rock scene (Royal blood, Arctic monkeys, Muse), COLLIMATEUR propels us into a universe where addictive riffs and poignant poetry intertwine. With an overpowering sound, the two musicians deliver a devastating rock, from which we can feel the sweat of a duo cut out for the stage. At the heart of the project, the texts in French crystallize the desire to share hopes, love and revolt regarding our societies and those who compose them.

Between feverish energy and contagious fervor, it is in contact with the public that the group best lets its rage for a better future explode.

COLLIMATE UR may well shake up your vision of the world and who knows, sow a seed of freedom in your mind.

In the presence of the food truck   Arancina Sicilian Street Food to eat between 2 beers and a dance!

Free entry but increased drinks on concert nights!
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