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Light blonde with fresh hops . This beer was produced as part of a national campaign organized by the National Union of Independent Brewers to support the brewing industry. The objective is for each participating brewer to make a "harvest ale" type beer, that is to say, brewed with fresh hops. So this is the perfect opportunity for our two breweries to finally work together! When the Notes en Bulles welcome the Canaille, the result is a beer brewed 100% with local ingredients (malt from Gaël blard in Ardèche and an aromatic blend of hops from Hop du Forez in Leigneux and "Cours Cocotte" in Arlanc in Puy-de -Dome).

In collaboration with La Canaille brewery located 1, Montée des Curistes - 42890 SAIL-SOUS-COUZAN

Ingredients: barley malt (pale), hops, yeast, sugar, water.

4.5% Vol.

This beer was brewed and bottled by the Brasserie des Notes en Bulles in its premises in Montbrison.

4,00 €

3,00 €

5,00 €

13,00 €

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