The bubble notes brewery team

The “Chef” that some know as Dadou:

"After carrying out alone the many and diverse tasks that fall to the profession of brewer and entrepreneur, I decided to surround myself with a team of top collaborators so that the Notes en Bulles brewery continues to progress and devote more time to the development of new projects. Dividing my time between the vines and the brewery, I still remain your privileged interlocutor for all that has to do with management, trade and deliveries. And otherwise my favorite beer is the musette. Because simple and good is the hardest thing to do in our profession. To the delight of all, you will find yourself with a mug in your hand, tapping your feet in front of a good big concert! »

Our new brewer, Maxence:

"Passionate about beer and after having been an amateur brewer for 5 years, this job offer allowed me to take the leap to become a professional brewer. Always looking for new flavors, I will be happy to modify or create certain recipes of beers to expand our range and satisfy all tastes!

My favorite beer from the brewery is the Drum'n'bass: a light stout on the palate, with a fruity note!


It is with pleasure that I could meet you at the brewery or during events in which the brewery participates (fair, market,...).

Bertille, apprentice in Bac +5 in Responsible Management:

“I joined the team in October 2020 and I am on a work-study program for 2 years at the brewery.

The advantage of being in a small structure is that I have diversified missions ranging mainly from communication to marketing (management of social networks, website, project management of all kinds, etc.) But I I also happen to help my colleagues in production when they need it for bottling or preparing orders.

For several years in the field of medico-social I wanted to discover a completely different field in order to diversify myself. During my last professional experience, I discovered an interest in sustainable development and local commerce. This is why I work at the Notes en Bulles brewery, which conveys values that I want to defend.

Petanque lover, I look forward to seeing you on sunny days to challenge you on one of our 2 courts.

My favorite beer from the Notes en Bulles is the SKA: original, sweet and fruity. »

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