Sour Cassis / Aronia


Categories | Fruity, Strong

Sour beer with blackcurrant and aronia (learn more about aronia, here )

This beer with three cereals (barley, wheat and rye) results from three fermentations including a "sour kettle", from lactic ferments immersed in the brew for 48 hours. Its tangy and very fruity taste and its bright pink tint therefore come from this specific technique as well as from the addition of a mountain of red fruits: aronia from Christophe Gaudry in Veauche and blackcurrant from the barn with fruits in Aveize.Brewed in collaboration with the fiery-haired man nicknamed Dadou who inspired his name (Daddy Sour anagram of "Syr Daddou"), this beer paves the way for acidic beers in the Farlodoise 2021 range.

Power of malt




sweetness, sweetness

Ingredients: Water, barley malts*, wheat malts*, rye malt* , aronia*, blackcurrant*, hops , sugar*, yeast, lactobacillus

7% Vol.

*Product from Organic Farming.

This beer was brewed and bottled by Brasserie Farlodoise on its premises in Chazelles sur Lyon.

6,00 €

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