How do we create our beers?

" I shape my beer recipes by drawing inspiration from music, cooking and oenology! For each beer, I try to find the ideal harmony between the selected malts and hops; to find the balance between the bitterness, sweetness, acidity and alcohol; and to choose the rhythm of fermentation which can sublimate each recipe. Each beer is in the image of its brewer who puts his tastes, his character, his passion into it!

I hope you enjoy my beers as much as I enjoy imagining them. "

Signed DADOU.

We have selected for you the best malts in the region, since the malting A Vos Malts in the Drôme provides us with organic malt of superior quality and produced in the region. We are currently working on adapting our beer recipes to relocate our hop consumption. The water of the Monts du Forez is of excellent quality for the production of beers hopped as we like them!

Our team is constantly working to imagine new beers and improve existing ones to offer you organic and local beers of excellent quality, reflecting the passion we have for our profession.

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